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5 tips to create modern online marketplaces for selling goods

5 tips to create modern online marketplaces for selling goods

Website trends are constantly changing, making web business owners choose between: go with the times or continue working with old technologies. However new online store technologie trends do not require annually deleting of an old website design and developint a completely new one.

Next 5 tips will help to create modern online marketplaces for selling goods.
  • Place information with unique offer in the visible part of the screen

Place new arrivals, banners with offers and sales. Change that information frequently, more then twice a month. Place «Item of the Day» or «Item of the Week» and link to sign up for your updates and offers.

These changes will let you increase number of returning users and number of your subscribers.

  • Create mobile-friendly design for your website

In modern web design it is important to realize quality view of the website not only on desctop computers with different screen resolutions but also on different kinds of mobile devices and tablets.

It is better to create a mobile version of the website specifically for advanced smartphone users.

Do not use flash-technology on your website. Flash animations work bad on mobile devices, and also on Apple devices it doesn't work at all.

  • Use white background in catalogue and item description

Do not use all kinds of backgrounds, gradients and graphical elements in the catalogue and main page which distract the visitor. Text should be readable, item pictures and photos should be distinctly visible.

Customers come to find goods, they are interested in the price, description, characteristics, reviews, pictures and comments, but not the pictures and graphics not related to that particular item.

  • Place optimum size attracting pictures for items

Place quality pictures of the item from different angles, let the customer see the item closer, because he doesn't have an opportunity to hold that item in his hands like at the regular store.

Place the item video review, which will show your item in motion. That way your customer will have no daubts that that is what he needs.

Resize the pictures to optimum sizes before loading. All pictures on your website should be in one size.

Pictures with different sizes is one of the indicators of unprofessional work and will lead to less trust to you as to a reliable and serious company.

  • Highliht the "Add to Cart" button

"Add to Cart" button has to be clearly distinguished among the other elements of the website design. Make it large with contrast colors.

"Shopping Cart" button should be well viewable on your website, user should see the number of items in his shopping cart.

Order making page should be as easy as possible, user should be focused only on how to purchase the desired items.

If on first stages of website creation you carefully define and implement quality website design user and selling oriented then in the future after competent promotion of the website, it will serve you many years and bring hundreds of thousands of customers.


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