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Main disadvantages of flash-websites

Main disadvantages of flash-websites

Often our clients when coming to web-studio demand to create a web-site with flash-technology, without thinking of how that project wpould be able to be optimized and promoted through the web, if it would be user friendly for the customers.

Here are the main disadvantages of that kind of flash-websites:
  • At this moment search engine systems google and bing are able to index texts from flash websites, nevertheless it is uncommon to find a website fully created using flash technology among the first results of your search enquiry. Search engine algorythms are also constantly changing for the websites, that is promoting , in that kind of active websites there is always a need of regular updates and corrections, changing texts, and with the use of flash technology it is almost impossible to keep your website updated, you will have to redo your website with every change. Which means that promoting flash-website is as difficult as it used to be.
  • Excessive use of visual effects distracts customers attention from the main content of your website, goods and important information, thus you need to be very careful even with the placing of flash-animation on the website in order to not «overuse» it.
  • It is not possible to turn of Flash in the browser settings. In case if someone wants to browse the website without animation and pictures to increase the download speed if his internet connection speed is low, or in order to minimize the volume of website pages, if his web traffic is limited. That kind of user will be really upset with flash technology website.
  • Most of the mobile devices do not support flash technology, this way it is simply impossible for users to get to your website using such devices.
  • Flash-websites support is very time and force consuming thus the cost of such project increases dramatically .
  • Most of the time flash-websites do not have any feedback, forums, guest book and any means of communicating with users. That kind of websites are mostly used for promo-sites.
  • Flash-websites are overloading the server machine, because they only consist of one file - flash-animation, which in turn is loading all information from outside, increasing processing load on the server while high number of visitors to your website.
  • The usage of website alatisys is limited on flash-websites. It is not possible to learn which pages are the most popular, determine the depth of website viewing, login and exit pages. Which means that we will not have any ability of learning the website effectiveness, work and popularity. It is very hard to determine the incoming pages from search engines for the website, user will be directed not to the page needed but to the main page what will lead to decrease of the overall number of potential customers of your company.
  • If the flash-player is missing on the computer it may also be the reason of why the user was unable to view your website. The same appeals to Java-scripts, the difference is that you can substitute it with regular HTML right in the user side, what you can't do with flash.

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