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How to increase readability of your texts

How to increase readability of your texts

Bad text readability on websites is not the best way to attract more users to your website. Unreadable fonts, color texts make your website much harder to read and view. 5 Guidelines For Better Readability On The Web.

Format your text using CSS

Styles (CSS) – this is one of the main methods of describing the look and formatting of your website. When you make changes in the styles file your whole website will be updated.

Make the font bigger

Define your potential costumers. Even if your clients are teenagers looking for new sneakers you still have to use bigger font style. At the same time the font cannot be huge, however the size of Verdana 12px is better then 9px. Everything should be in moderation, and easy to read.

Use high contrast

More contrast - better. White on black or black on white are examples of contrast maximum which is possible to achieve.

Increase line spacing

Use line height in CSS and define as 140% of the standard line height.

Break long texts

Visitors of your website will not read countless pages of your text. Break your text into short paragraphs, structure your content, make lists that are easy to read and fast to scan so that the main point of your text will not be lost in the endless amount of symbols.

also one of the key rules is the check of the spelling. Nothing annoys visitors more than mistakes on the website.

Create a website with a better readability is not that hard. It won't take that long. But at the end, more visitors and patrons of your website and business will be your deserved reward.


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